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Mar 19, 2011 at 10:08 AM

posting issue



we are facing a problem in posting payroll results to FI. We have defined employees as vendors.

The posting of bank transfer happens via vendor accounts.

Due to some configuration changes , (not sure what changes were) , while posting payroll results in case of employees who have a retro run , system is bringing the past month /559 in the current month posting and having a debit and credit effect for the same . This is happening for all employees.

Now we checked the congiuration and found that the matchcode P was maintained for the Posting AA type FC. Later we trited to remove and re run , but still same issue.

Due to this there are a huge number of line items that get generated while the posting is run and it takes time.

We want to know why the system is bringing /559 of the past payoll period in this fashion?