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Mar 19, 2011 at 03:00 AM

Transpose Flat File Structure


Hello Pros

I have a requirement where I need to transpose a structure. My input is illustrated below. In this example the output file has one u201Cheader level recordu201D, two u201CIntermediate level recordsu201D, and four u201CItem level recordsu201D (2items per Intermediate record, hence 4 total item level records).

I assume to achieve this in a 2 step process. First I had a MM for idoc>file to populate my dataset. Now Iu2019m attempting to transpose the structure as a second MM step. Originally I attempted to do this in 1 step and thought successful but where I fell short was the u201Cintermediate levelu201D records in the 3rd and 4th positions (see output below) pulled incorrect values when transposed.

Input Nodes:













The output I require is noted below.

Output Nodes


HeaderRequest u2026 (headerRequest1>IntermediateRequest1>itemRequest1.1)

HeaderRequest u2026 (headerRequest1>IntermediateRequest1>itemRequest1.2)

HeaderRequest u2026 (headerRequest1>IntermediateRequest2>itemRequest2.1)

HeaderRequest u2026 (headerRequest1>IntermediateRequest2>itemRequest2.2)

Please note, lets just say there is no data in u201CHeaderRecord1u201D (see u201Cinputu201D structure above) trying to utilize u201CuseoOeAsManyu201D will throw an error.