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Mar 18, 2011 at 06:22 PM

Error when loading multiple resource in Capacity View of SNP Planning Book


Hi folks,

The issue is like this:

The planners are trying to do some rough-cut capacity planning at the manufacturing plants. Hence they want to see the total Capacity & Production quantity view for the summation of all the resources at any one manufactuing location.

Therefore in SNP planning book, when they enter the follwing Selection parameters:


APO Resource

Location = 6000

Resource Type = P (P for production)


All six resources mainatained at this location gets loaded & individual capacity of each could be seen. However when they try to select all of the resources together by SELECT ALL > LOAD > it gives the following error:

The resources selected have different dimensions: TIME AAADL

Error reading data- Planning Book cannot be processed further

I feel there is some problem in the Resource master data??

This is the problem for the location 6000 & 6001

However for 6003 its working fine.

Note : 6000, 6001 & 6003 are all manufactuing plants.

Any reason why these errors?



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