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Mar 18, 2011 at 04:56 PM

Access SWC and DC from the NWDI track into NWDS


Hi All,

I have two software components lets say A and B in the client site BPM landscape. and I joined for a production support to the existing BPM landscape. One SWC for BRM rules and other for BPM process definition. I am kind of novice to BPM and wondering what are the different ways to import those two software components into my NWDS and start some development? These two SWC are in a NWDI track and I can access to SLD and JAVA AS but somehow after the import using SLD, I am only able to see the SWC but not the DCs.

i am using NW CE 7.2 NWDS and customer has the CE 7.1 version