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Mar 18, 2011 at 07:53 AM

Report ZJ2-TB does not contain any data pages.


Hi All,

I created a new company code through EC01, then I had to run a trial balance.

I have encountered this error:

Kindly advise what should I do to correct this, since when I run the Trial Balance for the Legacy Company Code. It is working.

Report ZJ2-TB does not contain any data pages.

Message no. GR 601


No data records have been selected for this report. The list thus only

contains the title page and end page, provided these are defined.

This might be due to the following:

o Data records have been selected that generate only lines with the

amount zero. The 'Hide zero rows' function is also active ( >


o No data records have been selected because the sets used in the report

contain incorrect values, or, when you started selection, a variable

was filled with a value for which no data base records were selected

(for example, incorrect fiscal year).

o The user does not have authorization to display the selected data


In report output, you can use the selection log ('Extras' menu option) to

find out whether data records for the respective report have been read.

Check the sets used, as well as the values of the variables. If your

report group contains other reports, you can display these using the

selection list.

Thank you so much!