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Mar 17, 2011 at 10:59 AM

TSM backint troubleshooting



We are using Legato backint and we may migrate to TSM backint.

On a Sap server I have installed the TSM backint.

The OS is backed up by TSM and it works.

Therefore the TSM client should be configured correctly.

I have installed and configured the TSM backint.

When I do a test backup it says:


BR0278I Command output of '/usr/sap/BAS/SYS/exe/run/backint -u BAS -f backup -i

/oracle/BAS/sapbackup/.beflletv.lst -t file -p /oracle/BAS/102_64/dbs/initBAS.ut

l -c':

Data Protection for SAP(R)

Interface between BR*Tools and Tivoli Storage Manager

- Version 6, Release 2, Modification 1.0 for SunOS 64-bit -

Build: 429H compiled on Mar 19 2010

(c) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1996, 2010, All Rights Reserved.

BKI5014E: Tivoli Storage Manager Error:

ANS1087E (RC106) Access to the specified file or directory is denied

BKI0020I: End of program at: Wed Mar 16 17:34:37 2011 .


1. I would like to know which file can not be accessed. Would you know how I could troubleshoot this?

2. The TSM installer has added a process in my inittab:/opt/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/prole -p tdpr3ora64

From what I understand in the doc, this process is used only when we use the TSM Administrator Server.

Therefore I can kill it as it is not used for backing or restoring?

Am I correct?

Thanks in advance for your answers.