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Mar 17, 2011 at 10:33 AM

To pass a value (year) from parent-Iview to pop-up Iview


Hi experts,

I m facing a problem in creating a popup Ivew.


I have created a o/p Table-view from a BI query. From the o/p of the table-view, I have created a form-view in which a push-button is created.

On pressing this button a custom-action triggers a popup-iview. In this Ivew another query is displayed in a tabular form.

In main Ivew, Annual Sales analysis is displayed according to Sales org.


( Sales-org Year Actual-Qty Plan-Qty)

ABC 2009 850 950

ABC 2010 650 700

ABC 2011 850 850


In the popup-ivew Annual Sales analysis is displayed according to Distribution channel.


The o/p of the 2nd query should be filtered using the YEAR from 1st query. i.e. user selects the first row(year=2009) & presses the button then, in a popup window the sales of DC will be displayed but only for that particular year i.e 2009.


Sales Org = 1000 Year = 2009

( Dist-channel Actual-Qty Plan-Qty)

DC01 850 950

DC02 650 700

DC03 850 850


How to pass the YEAR from parent-ivew to the popup-Ivew ?

Please help me out.