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Mar 17, 2011 at 03:00 AM

Dynamic Credit Limit


Hei felas, i have a query regarding Dynamic Credit Limit

Here the case:

example today 31.03.2011. i set the horizon 2 M, so the Credit Horizon date in FD32 will be 31.05.2011

Credit Limit = 10,000 EUR.

i made 1st SO (in 31.03.2011) with 8,000 EUR with Material Av Date in schedule line 28.04.2011 --> so the System wont block Sales Order (it's Correct). means the credit limit remaining 2,000 EUR

i made 2nd SO (31.03.2011) with 4,000 EUR with Material Av Date in schedule line 02.06.2011 --> so the system wont block sales order because Mav Av date > Credit Horizon Date (30.05.2011). it's correct

ALL Sales Order did not blocked

when today = 10.04.2011, it means Credit Horizon Date in FD32 will be 10.06.2011

My query, will the 2nd Sales Order block automatically by system? because mat av date in that SO < Credit Horizon Date.