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Mar 16, 2011 at 04:37 PM

Decentralised WM some clarifications


Please clarify some of the below points

1. Inbound/outbound are created in ERP and replicated in DWM via BAPI. When we are doing PGR/PGI will there be any accounting entries/documents in DWM? From sap help we saw the mentioned BAPI to be used u2013 InboundDelivery.ConfirmDecentral and OutboundDelivery.ConfirmDecentral but, both are not having accounting information. We donu2019t need financial entries in DWM. It should always happen in ERP. Is this possible?

2. Will DWM support physical inventory for the materials at warehouse level. Will there be any accounting entries coming in when we are writing off the stock as part of regular physical inventory counts. Are there any standard reports available to compare ECC and DWM for stocks , open IBDs / OBDs etc OR checking unprocessed / erroneous messages is the only way to compare them ?

3. How SAP is managing contingency for DWM? When PS1 is down for 4-24 hours how can we still continue to work in DWM without Inbound/Outbound updated information in DWM? Can we create deliveries directly in DWM system?

4. In case of contingency we need Purchase order and sales order information in DWM as this information cannot be extracted from PS1. Do we need all the purchase/sales related settings in DWM to create PO and SO? What all masters need to be migrated from PS1 to DWM?

5. Do we still need to configure some SD and Costing related settings in DWM to post PGR/PGI? Or Can DWM act as independent stand-alone SAP ERP system? How the WM related customization will be taken care after DWM implementation? Do we need to make customization in ECC and then import them to DWM or DWM will remain open for customization? What is the recommended best practice for it?

6. Please give all the supported transaction codes for DWM. What all standard transactions are NOT supported in DWM?