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Mar 16, 2011 at 04:00 PM

Truck wise profitability in COPA for logistics business


Dear experts,

Need small help for process design.

One line of business of my client is transport business. they have 250 trucks and want to see their profitability- truck wise and container wise..

What i am thinking.


For revenue - I will create 250 internal order with external no. range and truck no and internal order will be same and same will be settled to copa under copa revenue field.

For expenses - I will book all expenses to same to internal order and will be settled to copa in month-end.

Then i will get profitability truck wise from internal order report .

But not able to find container wise profitability.

Scenario - 2

I will create two characteristics.

1)Truck and maintain 250 characteristic value( ie- truck1,truck2----truck250)

2)container as characteristic with characteristic value ( container 1,container2----container9)

I will design PA transfer structure in order to flow revenue and cost to COPA from FI and 250 statistical internal order for information purpose.

For revenue - I will book all revenue related to truck in FI (JV) with ref. to statistical internal order which is equivalent to truck no. and real cost object will be profitability segment.They will manually enter truck and container characteristics value.

For expense - All expense will be booked under different cost center with the reference of statistical internal order(Truck wise) and same will be transfered to COPA through COPA accessment cycle without truck and container ref. in different value fields based on type of expense.

Now i am able to find truck wise profitability through internal order reporting and same information is passed to COPA .

But not able to find container wise profitabilty or truckwise profitability from COPA..

I am able to flow expenses from FI to COPA through Truck and Container Characteristic vale but not able to flow expenses from cost center to COPA with truck and container characteristic value.

Pls guide me on above ......How to get truck wise and container wise profitability..........


Raman Rana