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Former Member
Mar 16, 2011 at 02:47 PM

EC-CS retained reanings roll


We changed a company from being a flexibale upload to EC-CS to uploading to FI. In this process we changed the consolidation unit master data from flexible upload to roll up. This change was made in Dec. of 2010 but our problem was not noticed until Jan 2011.

The problem is lthat the account for the current year earnings and the earnings account on the income section show transaction currency, local currency but no group currency with all the current month income change going to the translation adjustment 01. The company is a Mexico currency for local currency and USD for group.

When we carried into year 2011 we noticed the problem because the currency translation was getting the wrong value for Ref value (the value has not changed since we changed the upload methode) which made it out of balance and it did a rounding error for all the revenue from prior year.

I have been going over all the configuration and master data and do not see any differences from other consolidation units that are working