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Mar 16, 2011 at 11:52 AM

Mov Type-557 & 55



Thre are two Mivemnt type 557 & 558 for Stock in Transit adjusment Posting...

I have little confusion about wen 557/558 to be used ,can anybody explain with some business scenario...

for example i m tranfering material A 10 L from 1000 plant 2000 plant,(with Movement type-351),But plant 2000 doing GR for 5 L only as 5 L got evaporated on the way..

i dont want follow scar porcess(i.e Plant 2000 receive 10 L and do 551 for 5 L)..i want to use 557/558 in this scenario...

Tel me which movement type i have to use to adjust MB5T stoc..

what input (Plant)should be given in MB1A...


Sankar D