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Mar 16, 2011 at 03:54 AM

Error in UWL configuration for MSS in portal..



I want to configure UWL in portal so that I can see/approve leave in UWL in MSS. Please let me know how to configure the same.

When I am trying to configure the UWL in system admin > system configuration > Univerasal Worklist Administration, under that i clicked in new button to add my R/3 system, in that popup i mentioned my system alias name of R/3 system and connector as Webflow connector and remaining field i kept as empty and i clicked on save button after that when i click on Register button OR Register item type for all system than I am getting the following error, please let me know what the issue is ?

Error is:


System SandBoxCLNT300: Wed Mar 16 09:18:38 IST 2011

(Connector) Mar 16 09:18:38 IST 2011

(Connector) is missing credentials for connecting to alias SandBoxCLNT300. Contact your system administrator.

SandBoxCLNT300 is the system alias of system I have created for R/3. in that system object I am using logon ticket.

Also when i try to test that system , SAP Web AS Connection AND ITS Connection connection are tested properly with green tick but the third parameter Test Connection with Connector is failing and the error is

Test Details:

The test consists of the following steps:

1. Retrieve the default alias of the system

2. Check the connection to the backend application using the connector defined in this system object


Retrieval of default alias successful

Connection failed. Make sure that Single Sign-On is configured correctly

Also the transaction iview i created using this system object is coming absolutely proper, than why Test Connection with Connector is failing , please let me know , might be UWL issue is related to this one..