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Mar 15, 2011 at 04:36 PM

Is it possible to run a Java applet in a Windows CE handheld device?


Hi Experts!

Iu2019m fighting with this issue and wondering if any of you know the answer.

Is it possible to run a Java applet (signature capture in my case) in a handheld device with the following configuration?

- Windows CE 5.0

- Internet Explorer for Windows CE (maybe Pocket Internet Explorer? Not completely sure. My browser can print, and have no help, so I guess itu2019s IE for CE)

- NSICom CreMe 3.27a

- SAP MI Infrastructure 7.0 SP 16

- Custom JSP application for MI, implementing signature capture applet

The hardware: Motorola Symbol MC9090G (ARM), Motorola Symbol MC3090 (ARM) and PSION Teklogix WorkAbout Pro (ARM). All the Symbol micros are Intel PXA270 (Bulverde)

The applet is running fine in my desktop configuration (Win XP + Sun JVM 1.5 + MS IE 6/7/8) but when I try to run it in the HH I only get the red cross of the missing object.

LOGS: no logs!!

Some of the not MI technicians said u201Cis not possible to run Java applets in Pocket Internet Exploreru201D (I don't know if is true), u201Cyou should change the browseru201D, u201Cyou must change the JVMu201D (not an option here), and so onu2026 so here I am, asking to the people who knows.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!