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Reading and comparing remote database entries

Dear experts,

I have a requirement to connect to a remote database from PI (I will probably use a JDBC adapter CC), read out data records there and compare them to data that I get from R3 in XML format (RFC R3 to PI). After getting rid of duplicates PI will send this data from R3 to the remote database.

I do not know how to start. think getting the records from the remote database will not be a big problem. I assume I get those into PI in XML format. But where do I compare those database records with the XML that I get from R3?

Has anyone ever done something like that? Thank you for any hints!

Best regards,


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2 Answers

  • Mar 15, 2011 at 08:11 PM

    >>Has anyone ever done something like that? Thank you for any hints!

    Just few cents...

    I dont think you can do comparing in PI. Why dont you create two scenarios as below...?

    Scenario 1) Jdbc to Proxy i.e external database to SAP R/3 via PI.

    Do the comparison with your abap coding in R/3. After comparison and deleting duplicate records send data to pi via proxy using scenario 2.

    Scenario 2) Proxy to Jdbc sending the data to remote database via PI

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    • Dear Baskar Gopal,

      thank you for your answer. I am not an ABAP expert that is why I kind of tried to get around that. But I will try.

      thank you.

      BEst regards,


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    Former Member
    Mar 16, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    Hi Peter,

    Here are few thoughts

    -Getting records from database is not big deal.. you can use JDBCsender. And scenario will be JDBC to Proxy or RFC

    -Use JDBC sender which will select records from database and will send it to PI and then PI will send this to R/3 to RFC or Proxy. One more thing when you use JDBC sender communication channel, then provide select statement in query SQL statement input box which is on Processing tab of sender JDBC communication channel and donu2019t forget to give Update SQL statement in UpdateSQL input.. to avoid duplicate record selection. So as soon as Select will get excute later update will get execute which will only update selected entries and next time other new records will get selected otherwise it will fectch sames records everytime..

    -Get these records in PI map this to RFC or Proxy.. this is your first interface..

    -Then Provide logic in RFC Or Proxy to compiare records and delete duolicate entries and then send this entried to PI by using RFC or Proxy this is your second interface.. and then you can send this data to database..

    So there will two scenarios both are Asynchronous .

    1. JDBC sender to Proxy or RFC receiver..

    2. RFC sender or Proxy sender to JDBC receiver..



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    • Peter Wallner Baskar Gopalakrishnan

      Thank you Baskar Gopal again for your answer.

      In the end the requirement changed again and I did not have to implement the whole scenario.

      Sorry about that, I could not post my experiences here.

      Best regards,