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Mar 15, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Automatic batch determination with fixed values


Hello all,

I want to create a production order where the batc number can be assigned for one component as Batch fixed value once the order is released.

1.- I have created the characteristic (CT04) assigned to the table MCHA and field CHARG (Batch number) and one value: LINER.

2.- I have created the class (CL02) and assign to this the characteristic.

3.- I have created the sort ZSORT and the batch (MSC1N).

4.- I have checked the classification in the material and it has assigned correctly the class and characteristic and the MRP2 view has the backflush = 1, batch entry = 3 and the prod. stor. location = COIL.

5.- I have created the strategy (COB1, strategy type CO02) and assigned the selection criteria and sort.

6.- I have created the order (CO01).

7.- I was releasing the order and the batch number was assigned but, with numbers!! and I need assign this with fixed value = LINER.

Could you help me please? How can I do it?

Kind regards,