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Mar 15, 2011 at 11:29 AM

updating the ztable from import parameters


tables : zbomtable.

types : begin of ty_bom,

reinr type zbomtable-zreinr,

slno type slno,

materialdesc type zbomtable-materialdesc,

plant type zbomtable-plant,

itemno type zbomtable-itemno,

end of ty_bom.

data : it_bom type standard table of ty_bom.

data : wa_bom type ty_bom.

wa_bom-reinr = p_reinr.

wa_bom-slno = p_slno.

wa_bom-materialdesc = p_materialdesc.

wa_bom-plant = p_plant1.

wa_bom-itemno = p_itemno.

append wa_bom to it_bom.

insert bomtable from table it_bom.

append it_bom to bomstructure.


this is logicc i have used and its not working to update the table from external sources

i need correct and if any one know correct one please reply to this postt

regards prabhanjan