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Mar 15, 2011 at 10:02 AM

CR VS2010 on Windows 7: What you see is NOT what you get


I've created a report which uses a TrueType font. The preview of the output is correct. But when I print the report only the first 2 to 6 fields of a page are printed correctly. On a new page again the first 2 to 6 fields are printed correctly. The remaining fields are all printed to small. It seems that the character spacing gets confused after printing some fields with TT fonts!?

1) I tested if the printing problem depends on model/driver by printing on 3 different printesr: problem is not printer dependant.

2) I printed into Acrobat: same problem

3) I tested the report on another Windows 7 machine: same problem

4) I tested with Windows7 x86 and x64: both same problem

5) I tried to remove the printer environment: same problem

6) The font works wothout problems in Word, Excel, SS Reporting Service and all other applications

7) And now: I printed on Windows XP (x86): problem does NOT arise

So it seems to me, that there must be problem in CR VS2010 with rendering TTFonts for printing on Windows 7 machines.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards