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The item is not relevant for billing

Dear Experts,

I have created STO in two different company codes with two different sales orgs.

Created delivery for the same also. But when I do VF01 to create billing document sytem gives error

The item is not relevant for billing,

I have kept billing type as proforma invoice which i use to do for other plants in same company code, same sales org.

My question is

1. Can we do STO in two different company code with different sales org.

2. whenther it is necessary to create differnt STO type for this scneraio

3. I have kept all config as it is only assigned different shipping data for that particular plant.

Pl. guide me to solve The item is not relevant for billing this error.



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3 Answers

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    Mar 15, 2011 at 07:29 AM

    For the error pls. go to VOV7, select item category - in billing relevance - pls. make it Proforma invoice relevent - D (if this is STO within company).

    If between two company codes then it is Intercompany STO and billing relevance is Delivery Relevant Billing.

    For the question regatding two company codes - pls. search the forum with Intercompany STO process.


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Dear Samit,

      The steps are as follows,



      Purch Org. 1800-dom. pur org, comp. code. 1051-rental (sfhifting goods from 1050 comp code, plant i851 to 1051 comp code plant i800)

      Item Category Determination

      Item Category - NLN -

      Dlivery Type -ZSNL

      Item category determination - ZSNL-Norm- --NLN-NLCG-NLC

      In Item Category -NLN - Billing Revelance is J, Pricing is X

      Copy Control - Delivery to Billing Document - VTFL

      Delivery type - ZSNL-to Billing type - ZMST*

      Item category-NLN - Copying requirement -311

      Data VBRK/VBRP - 001 Inv.split (sample)

      Billing quantity - B

      Pos./neg. quantity - Blank (0 ZERO)

      Pricing type B

      PricingExchRate type

      Price source

      All these works for STO to plants within 1050 comp code.

      After doing VF01 system gives message item is not relevant for billing but in item category *billing relevance is J * I tried by changing it to D but still system showing same error message.

      Actually, after doing PGI, in delivery open quantity is ZERO but this is same for other plants also & there I can create billing document by ZMST billing type.

      Pl. guide me.



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    Former Member
    Mar 15, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    Stock Transport Order with Delivery Via Shipping and Billing Document/Invoice

    You can carry out stock transfers with the delivery and billing function. In this procedure, the stock is transferred in the form of a sale between two plants.

    Stock transfers that include deliveries and billing documents/invoices are only possible between plants belonging to different company codes.

    If you want to carry out a cross-company-code stock transport order with delivery but without a billing document, you must set the Relevant for Billing (data element FKREL) indicator in Customizing of the item type to "blank" (Not relevant for billing).

    When you use the delivery function in Shipping, the whole transaction - from the delivery through billing and invoice verification - is reflected in the system. The following Shipping functions are available for this:


    For example, planning shipping activities, picking, packing


    For example, price determination

    Before you can use a stock transport order with the delivery function and a billing document, the plant must be assigned to a vendor. You maintain the vendor - plant assignment in the vendor master record.

    Process for Stock Transport Orders that Include SD Deliveries and Billing Document

    The process for stock transport orders with SD delivery and billing document includes the following steps:

    Creating a Purchase Order

    In the receiving plant, you create a standard purchase order for the vendor to which the issuing plant is assigned. To do this, choose Purchase order ® Create ® Vendor known. As a result of the vendor entered, the system recognizes that the purchase order is in fact a stock transport order with delivery and billing.

    Creating Delivery and Billing Document

    The issuing plant enters a delivery for the stock transport order and a billing document. This is an intercompany billing document (billing type IV). Pricing takes place as normal.This intercompany billing document can be posted as an invoice for a purchase order via EDI using Idoc. It is then posted in Financial Accounting as a receivable in the supplying company code.

    When the material leaves the plant, the issuing plant posts a goods issue for the delivery, resulting in a reduction in stock in the issuing plant. The total stock remains the same in the receiving plant. Unlike a stock transport order without billing, no posting is made to the stock in transit. You can see from the purchase order history that the material is "on the road". The posted quantity is displayed in the stock overview of the receiving plant as Stock in transit CC.

    Posting Goods Receipt

    When the goods arrive, the receiving plant posts a goods receipt for the purchase order. The unrestricted-use stock increases and an accounting document is created.

    Posting Invoice Receipt

    The invoice is checked with reference to the purchase order.

    Making the Vendor - Plant Assignment

    To transfer stock with a bill being issued, a vendor master record has to be created for the issuing plant. You create the vendor master record in the same way as a standard vendor master record.

    To assign a vendor master record to the supplying plant, proceed as follows:

    From the Purchasing menu, choose Master data ® Vendor ® Purchasing ® Change.

    Enter the vendor and the purchasing organization.

    Select Purchasing data and press ENTER .

    The purchasing data detail screen appears.

    Choose Extras ® Add. purchasing data. A window appears in which you can enter the plant.

    Save your data.

    If a user enters a vendor when creating a stock transport order, the plant is automatically copied from the vendor master record.

    A stock transport order with delivery and billing is a mixture of a standard purchase order and a stock transport order: as in the standard purchase order, when items are entered (standard items with no item category) price determination is carried out and shipping data established; as in the stock transport order, the transfer of stocks from one location to another is monitored.


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    Former Member
    Mar 23, 2011 at 05:14 AM

    Thanks to Samit. Problem solved.

    Thanks to all for valuable replies.


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