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Former Member
Mar 15, 2011 at 05:48 AM

EREC- Queries with Requisition status change


Hi Experts,

In E-recruitment, I am facing problem while trying to change the status of a requisition.

I could find only 1 way to change the status: Login in as recruiter->select the requisition-->click on requisition button and select "ON HOLD" from the list.

Now my query is: how am i going to change back the status of my requisition to "RELEASED". One way would be open the requisition and click on Release. But the release button is disabled, which can be enabled only by making some changes in the requisition. But changing the status from ON HOLD to RELEASED does not always mean that there is a change in the requisition. How am i supposed to get this done? i.e how can i make the Release Button active in case of requisition which is On Hold without making any changes.

My second query is with the refreshing of the dashboard for recruiter: When i am changing the status of the Requisition, it is not reflecting properly on the Dashboard. i.e. for example: the status of the requisition would be "On Hold" but on the dashboard, under all Requisition, the status column would be showing the past Status(say Released or Draft). Is there any Badi that needs to be activated to rectify this issue, kindly help.