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Mar 14, 2011 at 10:17 PM

Problem with mvt. 544 O


Hi gurus.

We have a subcontracting model for purchase our FERT goods. The reception process is make trough tx. MIGO, generate a material document with a movement type 101 for FERT and 543 O for the component. The BOM structure for 1 PC are:

  • 12 PC component B

  • 12 PC component C

  • 14 PC component D

The problem happens when we need to return goods to vendor. The steps that we make are:

1.- TX. Migo, option Return Delivery.

2.- Minimize the BOM explosion.

3.- Type a quantity to return and hit Enter.

4.- Open the BOM explosion. Here we found a inconsistence in the qty for each component, because appear with a smaller quantity that BOM. Today the problem with our subcontracting stock is very high.

Thanks by advice.