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Mar 14, 2011 at 05:51 PM

report is not viewing correctly, connection issue to DB believed.


fresh install of vs2010 ultimate

fresh install of crystal reports (v. 13?)

Issue: I was given a .rpt file to build a crystal report for. My boss is having me build an app which will view various .rpt files which will load. As per the setup of just 1 report, i am building it around 1, the first file he gave me. When i run it, it seems to not connect to the db correctly as it shows, and wants me to choose teachers, but there should be a list of teachers, not an empty textbox, so i immediately knew something was wrong. I checked to make sure that the .rpt file was logged into to the correct db, and the tables were all up-to-date via "verify database".


What shows:

the viewer opens, and then an option box appears showing dates in which there will be the use of db to be X between Y and Z, and a text box where a list of teachers appears in which you can click on and then click the right arrow to put it on the selection stuff. List of teachers does not appear.


If you have ideas, let me know. Sort of stumped, and i thought i covered everything before i checked this site. 😊