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Mar 13, 2011 at 03:54 AM

Installation Stuck while installing Common & Company DB on remote SQL Serve


Hi Forum,

I have two PCs - PC A and PC B. PC B has MS SQL 2008 R2 installed. Completely new installation and no other DBs. The SQL Server is called by the name of PC and it is "PCA".

On PC A, I am trying to install 8.81 SAP B1.

Step 1. The installation of server tools went throug fine. I can start the Service Manager, click on Settings->ConfigSecurity->MSSQL_2008, PCA, sa,passwd, OK->Connected Sucessfully.

Step 2. I choose to install Server Busines One Server->Database Already Installed->

ServerName: PCA

I choose to install CommonDB and USDemoCompany.

Step 3: On PCA I can see, SBO-Common is created. It has all the tables and stored procedures etc. But no Data at all.

Error : On PCB the installation is hung or stuck at "Server performing requested steps" and shows Computing Space Requirements, Common Database.

That's it, the installation is stuck no processor activity on either PC.

This is the second attempt. I did complete uninstall and reinstall. I tried with SQLExpress and 2008R2. Same installer Hang on both situation.

Please advise. Thank you.