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Mar 11, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Solution to read FI_DOCUMNT reorg files in a foreign system



I have received a requirement that sounds a bit strange, but it actually makes a lot of sense:

The situation:

- customer has an old SAP 4.6C system he wants to switch off.

- there was lots of FI_DOCUMNT archived on that system that they still need for compliance reasons, archived on an archivelink-compatible inalterable storage system

The idea:

1. We migrate the link entries onto the new server

2. A report looks at these old files, creates some sort of archive info structure (or maybe the original ARIX* table),

3. Another report is then used to display the FI document from that old system using the fake archive infostructure and read the remaining data from the reorg file, as if the data was archived on the new system (I am aware that account designators, vendor names etc will be missing, but for the time, this is acceptable).

Is there such a report or a third-party product that enables me to work on that idea or do I have to develop it myself?