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Mar 10, 2011 at 05:37 PM

JRA "Execute Function" Option in MII


We recently upgraded our MII instance from 12.1.4 to MII is running on NetWeaver 7.01 sp08.

We have noticed a drastic change in the way that "SAP JRA Function" Action block works after the upgrade. The "Execute Function" Check Box appears to be the culprit. Prior to the upgrade, selecting the indicator for "Execute Function" resulted in the RFC being executed and returning results. Not checking the box would simply result in the XML Structure being available. This lined up with the SAP Help definition for JCO which can be found here:

Now that we have upgraded the "Execute Function" results in the following:

- When selected the RFC is not called and no results are returned.

- When NOT selected the RFC is called and the results are returned.

I am hoping someone else has already encountered this or can tell me I am doing something wrong.