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Sep 09, 2004 at 03:35 PM

Repository Service Implementation


Hi there,

one year ago, I got all details about repository service implementation in EP5 without any documentation. It was a mix up of horror and fun...

Now, one year later, I need again to implement a repository service, but the doc situation has changed - even if only a little bit.

What I do have:

- EP6 SP2 P4 HF7

- CM6 SP2 P4 HF5

- Eclipse Plugins (1.2.0 / 6.0.2): DevelopmentTools/lib, configStudio, KM (*2)

- component development with ep 6.0.pdf

But - that's not enough. I have implemented a Repository Service, written my own and built the PAR (successfully), deployed on portal - and that was it. The service does not show up anywhere.

Questions: How to get such a simple example working? And is there a <i>real</i> guide / HowTo / example to get such a thing working, if possible with explanation how properties should be implemented/used etc?

The whole KM API is one of the better APIs within the portal theme, but the support concerning Wizards/Docs is not that much better compared to one year ago...

Would be great if this situation could be improved...

Thanks in advance