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Mar 10, 2011 at 01:49 PM

Diagnostics Workload Analysis - Java Memory Usage gives BI query input



I have set up diagnostics (aka root cause analysis) at a customer side and I'm bumping into the problem that on the Java Memory Usage tab in Workload analyis the BI query input overview is given

Sol Man 7.0 EHP1 SPS20 (ST component SP19)

Wily Introscope

Introscope Agent

Diagnostics Agent 7.20

When I click on the check button there I get the following:

Value "JAVA MEMORY USAGE" for variable "E2E Metric Type Variable" is invalid

I already checked multiple SAP Notes like the implementation of the latest EWA EA WA xml file for the Sol Man stack version.

I already reactivated BI content using report CCMS_BI_SETUP_E2E and it gave no errors.

The content is getting filled in Wily Introscope, extractors on Solution Manager are running and capturing records (>0).

Did anyone come accross this issue already?



Characteristic value "JAVA MEMORY USAGE" is not valid for variable E2E Metric Type Variable.


Enter a valid value for the characteristic. The value help, for example, provides you with suggestions. If no information is available here, then perhaps no characteristic values exist for the characteristic.

If the variable for 0DATE or 0CALDAY has been created and is being used as a key date for a hierarchy, check whether the hierarchies used are valid for this characteristic. The same is valid for variables that refer to the hierarchy version.

Notification Number BRAIN 643

Kind regards


Edited by: Tom Cenens on Mar 10, 2011 2:30 PM