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Mar 09, 2011 at 05:46 AM

Need help regarding KM



I am new to SAP EP. Need your help.

I have a requirement where I have to put some parameters in the KM (say url information). The information which I put in the KM, I have to read it from a PAR file (a .java file in PAR).

I mean...I have an iView (a PAR iView). When user clicks on the iView, I have to send some information (say some hard coded url information) to the .java file (which is present in PAR file). Currently I am struggling to do it. I donot want it to be configured in any .xml file within par. I want the information to be passed outside PAR file.

Someone told me that I can do it by adding the information in KM and then reading it from the .java file present in PAR.

Requirement :

<parameter name> : <parameter value>.

I want to get the parameter value into my PAR file when user clicks on the iview (PAR type).

Hope I phrased my question properly.

appreciate your quick response