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Mar 08, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Syndicate vendors to different ERP R/3 systems



Could someone please explain to me how I get a vendor record syndicated to two or more ERP systems?

I'm using the SAP content vendor repository and IDOC CREMDM04, ADRMAS and CREMAS.

SAP told me that it is not possible to map to segment EDI_ DC40 and then I got the following instruction:

You mentioned in your message, that you need to map the remote system into the field RCVPRN.

Actually you don't have to do this, because this syndication is going toa specific remote system, which is SAP ERP Remote System.

You can check it in the "Map Properties" tab.

And also Syndicator gives the possibility to override it, there is an option in the Map Properties tab called "Remote Key Override".

So it means, that you do not need to map the remote system at all.

And this is how Syndicator was designed.

I have created key mappings for two remote systems and in "Map Properties" "Remote Key Override" I have filled in the two remote systems. But when I execute the syndication I'm asked to fill in the file path on the server and the file name, so I only get the IDOC send to one system. We use the FTP and File Network shares (File Adapter) integration to PI.

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