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Mar 08, 2011 at 08:50 AM

How to use fiscal year and fiscal period in 0FIGL_V10?


Dear experts,

I tried to create a query based on 0FIGL_V10.

In rows I restricted fiscal year(0FISCYEAR) so that I can get this year and last year.

(I want to compare the difference between two years.)

In columns, first I put fiscal period (0FISCPER3) because I need to show 12 months in columns.

Then I created a structure to restrict 0GLACCEXT to some accounts and drag the standard CKF "Balance sheet value".

The result is incorrect.

I found that in note 801313 SAP said I can only use 0FISCPER.

It would be incorrect if I use 0FISCYEAR and 0FISCPER3.

But I need to compare two years and also need to show all months in my report.

What should I do??

Any suggestions??

Please help. Points would be given.