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Sep 06, 2004 at 03:54 PM

JCO - Get meta data - Grey status in JCO connections tab


Hi all,

I read many post on this topics within this forum but I didn't succeed to get meta data required and to set correctly my connection.

Let's start quickly to give you my conf

In the j2ee admin

-> Services > SLD Data Supplier > CIM Client Generation Settings

I set fields with : SLD7000 / 50000 and my logon info

Save and test -> result is ok !

In my web dynpro application, I am able to get correct BAPI from BCE system using my logon info. And I map my view to display data from the corresponding BAPI called.

So at this time, in my IDE, the connection to the SAP Backend system SAP works because I can get the list of BAPIs from the BCE SAP Backend System as well.

Build and deploy my application.

Now, let's go to webdynpro welcome page on my j2ee server : http://<host>:<port>/webdynpro/welcome

-> content administration

-> I select from the left tree browser my application, and open the "JCO Connections" Tab. I can see my connections previously I set in my webdynpro application. But I CAN'T use the button "Create" to configure new JCO connection. ??

Last thing:

in the BCE backend system

transaction : RZ70

I have, host = sldmain and service = sapgw47

Also, in the list of data collection programs, everything is checked as active except the program "_SLD_RFC"

I don't know if it is important....?

Finally, I give you from the exception I got in my browser only lines "Caused by"....


Caused by: TypeBroker failed to access SLD: Error while obtaining JCO connection.


Caused by: Error while obtaining JCO connection.


Caused by: Failed to create J2EE cluster node in SLD for 'J2E.SystemHome.localhost': CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND: No such instance: SAP_J2EEEngineCluster.CreationClassName="SAP_J2EEEngineCluster",Name="J2E.SystemHome.localhost"


Thanks a lot for your support and help,

Best regards,