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Mar 07, 2011 at 10:30 PM

Depreciation in Non Leading Ledger at Historical Exchange Rate


Hi All,

Our Company code is using parallel currencies 1LC is CAD, 2nd LC is USD & 3rd LC is GBP. (In T.Code: OB22)

When we look at the values for local currency 3 (GBP) in ledger 0L, all the entries have been translated from CAD to GBP at the same rate each month, which should be the proper treatment. In fact the translation to GBP is occurring at the historical rate for the fixed assets, which is correct.

However when we look at the values for local currency 3 in the parallel ledger (N1) we can see that the same CAD values have different LC3 values each month. The rate being used to translate the depreciation expense changes each month and looks like it is the current rate in place at the time depreciation was run.

We want the depreciation amounts for LC3 that are posted each month to be translated using the historical rate in both the leading (0L) andparallel (N1) ledgers. Our issue is how do we make the change. (Depreciation Run to update Non Leading Ledger N1 with historical exchnge rates as in Leading Ledger 0L.

Unable to understand the system behaviour. The depreciation posting run in the NON Leading ledger should happen with Historical Exchange Rate.

Thanks in Advance


K I M.