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EH&S data archiving


I have seen a couple of threads here for EH&S data archiving especially with DRAO table. We have the same requirement here and according to note 586293 we need to implement KPRO. I wanted to know if there are other alternatives available like IXOS or something else.

The reason for asking about IXOS is; we already have IXOS for invoice data archiving but not sure if it support EH&S data as well. Also what sort of archving requires on EH&S data; is it saved under flat file or on the db side of content server.

Please let me know.



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4 Answers

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    Posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 07:16 AM

    Hello Pankaj,

    I think its possible, as DMS capabilities are not limited to one module, you can extend it to EHS area as well, what is the kind of EHS document you want to archive? KPro capabilities will depend on the document type.

    the archiving program Archive Development Kit (ADK) will give you more insight on Archiving EHS documents



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    Posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 01:10 PM

    Hi Penkaj,

    Do you want to archive the documents or do you just want to safe SAP HD space by storing them in an external DMS like IXOS?

    If you want to use an external DMS you should use KPRO to do so.

    KPRO is the 'utility' used on SAP side to handle documents in an external DMS.

    SAP supports a lot of different external DMS - and I would think they support IXOS as well - but you should check this with the vendor of IXOS.

    If you really want to archive the documents use ADK - see corresponding customizing note under EH&S.

    Hope this helps



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    Posted on Mar 09, 2011 at 03:39 AM

    Hi Pankaj,

    There are two different things -

    1. DRAO - Once of the imp table of Document Info record

    2. KPRO - It is the concept to store the originals or attachment of Document Info record in archive server (IXOS) or SAP database or file system.

    By your question it seems that you are looking to store the attachments of Document info records in IXOS server.

    Answer : Yes, you can do this.

    You need to define the storage category and assign to IXOS content repository.

    While attaching the documents in document info record you should select the storage category that is pointing to IXOS server repository.

    Note: While creating content repository you should used the document area as Document management system.

    If your requirement to archive document info records i.e. tables like DRAO, DRAW, DARD, DART so on.. Then you should use data archiving object CV_DVS.

    Hope this answer will take you in right direction.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Pankaj,

      EH&S stores MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) in SAP DMS (DARP DRAO etc.).

      From a legal standpoint these documents need to be available for 10 Years.

      If you want to Archive (ADK) the MSDSs - you should onyl consider historical Report Bodies (Document Type SBR).

      But this might not be wished by the business as this take away the possibility for them to have a look at an MSDS send out a year or two ago with transaction CVD1.

      In regards to the fast growing size:

      All customers I know do not store the final MSDSs (Document Type SBE) - as the finial report can be regenerated with the report body (Document Type SBR) and the parameter values from report shipping.

      From my standpoint I would recomend an External MSDS linked to SAP via KPRO.

      If you have documents that are older then 10 Years you could use ADK to archive them.

      Hope this helps


  • Posted on Dec 01, 2011 at 08:17 AM

    Dear Pankaj Saluja,

    in OAC0 you will setup your content Repostory (repository not Archive) f.e. IXOS like IX if you allready setup the Ixos repository for your archiving processes with SARA youre done with OAC0.

    in OACT you need to define your Categorie like Z2IXOS with Dosument Area DMS and the Repository IX.

    After that you need especially for EHS an entry in DMS_CONV2KPRO1 (SAP.SYSTEM -> Z2IXOS...).

    i think the differenet is to define if you use the Ixos Repository as repository or as archive!

    The way i describe above is the repository way, because the documents still online in your system and it is possible to change or remove them using CV0x transactions ...

    Instead of using Ixos as repository System it will be possible to install an SAP Contentserver on an seperate System.

    and later one (after 10 Years) you wil start archiving with SARA and Objekt CV_DVS.



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