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Sep 06, 2004 at 09:19 AM

Problems during service lookup


Hello ,

I have some weird problem using "keystore" service.

In the normal way I make this call and things look good

InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

o = (Object) ctx.lookup("keystore");

manager = (KeystoreManager) o;

the result of the lookup is KeyStoreManagerWrapperImpl and the cast works fine.

But there are cases when the result of the lookup() call is rather different. Then I get

$Proxy4 object which is useless in the latter approach

some details of this object may be a bit prompting:

I see this in the debuger

RMI_P4: Dynamic

And it comes from .invokeToString( Object proxy)

Implemented interfaces are:

interface java.rmi.Remote


Available methods are :

public final int $Proxy4.hashCode()

public final boolean $Proxy4.equals(java.lang.Object)

public final java.lang.String $Proxy4.toString()

public final $Proxy4.getObjectInfo()

I tried to get the KeystoreManagerImpl which I see in the private members, but no luck 😔

What to do?

What does this mean that I get this Proxy4 instance insted of KeyStoreManagerWrapperImpl?

is there any problem with the service? How should this be fixed?