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Former Member
Mar 07, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Generatin PRs in MRP instead of planned orders.


Hi firends,

There is a requirement of 7 materials to complete a job in maintainence work order. MRP is run to fulfill the requirement.

MRP type V1(Manual reorder point with external requirement) is used here. External procurement(F) indicator is maintained for all the 7 materials. In MD03, MRP control parameter, Create PR is maintained as 3(Create planned Order)

There are already 2 materials in the stocks, so no procurement proposal is generated for these 2 materials. For 3 materials planned order is getting generated & for remaining 2 materials PR is getting generated. May i know why PR is getting generated eventhough Create PR indicator has been set to 3(Planned order). How to fix this issue.


Tasleem Arif