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Mar 07, 2011 at 09:52 AM

how to process files sequentially in PI using bpm


Hi Folks,

I am really looking for one requirement like, Sender file adapter has to pick multiple files by file name based with some time gap? Can we?normally i am getting 40 files in the source directory with some time gap like 1hr and 2 hours.but my in some situations like system got down and if the server stopped for some refresh work then 2 days files will come to source directory and after system is sap pi try to process files at a time but the messages not going in order.

I have got one BPM in this, I have tried with Process mode : Name and Date, with wait step on BPM, but no use. The way how PI behaving, if 40 files in file directory, it is picking all files in one shot. Start processing but not in order. if it is process also the SNC system can't process 4 at will process files with some time gap.

The problem is on Receiver system side. The receiver system is SNC system, if old data receives later than earlier date data; we get data obsolete application error.

Ex: If I receive 25th and 26th files, first I need to process 25th first on PI sends to SNC, I need to give some time gap and pick another file or even PI picks and process 26th file, no problem but I need to give some time gap to send SNC to this 26th date file?

Please how guys, throw me your great ideas

Step1: i configured the sender file adapter with by name property to sort the files but some times pi picking new date file first and old one my question is how to configure adapter to pick files in sorted by name.the filename i given like xml_0809008998_*.xml

step2: after pi picking the files in order but the messages not sending order to target system.i was configure the bpm like first recive step then transformation step then i was used wait step to process files with time gap.after that block step mode is default inside i was used 2 bblock steps.

here my question how to configure bpm process messages in order?

Thanks in advance!!