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Mar 07, 2011 at 09:13 AM

Mass reading standard texts (STXH, STXL)


Hi folks,

At my customer - we have a proxy interface - where the calling customer can attempt to read the text data for all of their open orders some of these texts are standard SD texts - some are custom standard texts. I have ran performance traces for this interface - and after several performance improvement efforts we now see that the performance bottleneck / limiting factor - is the call to READ_TEXT.

For a problem proxy call sometimes we are seeing 18000+ calls to the read_text function module - and for these calls - the proxy interface frequently times out - and our customers get no response data - and undestandably get a bit upset.

Perhaps it could be argued that this is a design question - and that we should not be reading so many texts in a proxy interface - but that is the business requirement we are trying to live with.

My questions: Does anyone know of a way to mass read texts - outside of calling READ_TEXT many times? I know the underlying data is stored in cluster tables - but from my knowledge of cluster table access - it pays to have the exact key of every record - so it would appear that possibly the fastest access we could get is to write some custom code that reads from these underlying tables - and at least cuts out the overhead of the call function command - which must in itself be a performance hit.

Does anyone have any killer tips here? - am I missing something basic / obvious? Is there a solution built into SAP standard that I'm not aware of for the mass reading of texts? Is there a solution for an efficient way to mass read data from cluster tables?

To me must be a common issue - in the SAP world - this is not the first time that I have seen Calls to READ_TEXT coming top of the performance hit list for a runtime trace.

Any advice / assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Julian Phillips