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Runtime Error! abnormal program termination


After my C# function returns the result into SAP I get the following error:

Runtime Error! abnormal program termination

The caption is: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

and the program craches!!! I've got no clue for what is happening.

The program runs fine, it receives a request, it returns the reply and then bummmm it craches. I'm using the .Net SAP connector and I was using it fine, at least until now.

If I cannot get an explanation for this I will not be able to put this into production because it's an error I cannot control 😔


Luis Pinho


Here's the Error log

  • ERROR file opened at 20040903 200913 GMT Daylight Ti, SAP-REL 620,0,1248 RFC-VER 3 624099 MT-SL

T:2476 *>RfcInstallStrucure2: field 13 (ISCLUSTEREQUIPMENT, t:8, l:4) offset 2594 too small

(at least 2596 expected)

>TS> Fri Sep 03 20:09:52 2004

T:2476 ***************************************************************

T:2476 * Error in application program.


T:2476 * Try ABAP/4 report RSNAPDOK to read complete message text.

T:2476 * Also look at the system log in the target system

T:2476 * function/module/line : rstg_free/abstor0./395

T:2476 * Parameters

T:2476 * 0: 079983A8

T:2476 * 1: 1094861136l

T:2476 * 2: 32

T:2476 * 3:

T:2476 * 4:

T:2476 * 5:

T:2476 * 6:

T:2476 * 7:

T:2476 * 8:

T:2476 ***************************************************************

T:2476 ***** closing all connections ...

T:2476 ********************************************* aborting process.


M [Thr 2476] Fri Sep 03 20:09:52 2004

M [Thr 2476] rfcStackTrace RSTG_FREE_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS Fri Sep 03 20:09:52 2004

M [Thr 2476] -


SAP (R) - R/3(TM) Callstack, Version 1.0

Copyright (C) SAP AG. All rights reserved.


Callstack without Exception:

App : ConsoleApplication4IDLTesting.exe (pid=2340)

When : 9/3/2004 20:9:52.799

Threads : 1


Computer Name : PORW3314

User Name : pinhol


Number of Processors: 1

Processor Type: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7

Windows Version : 5.0 Current Build: 2195


State Dump for Thread Id 9ac

eax=07998008 ebx=079e8cac ecx=0799801c edx=00000000 esi=079e8cac edi=079e8c80

eip=77f94956 esp=07d2ec2c ebp=07d2f074 iopl=0 nv up ei pl nz ac po nc

cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003b gs=0000 efl=00000216

function : <nosymbols>

77f94936 8d4320 lea eax,[ebx+0x20] ds:0f716e3a=????????

77f94939 50 push eax

77f9493a 8d4308 lea eax,[ebx+0x8] ds:0f716e3a=????????

77f9493d 50 push eax

77f9493e ff75fc push dword ptr [ebp+0xfc] ss:0fa5d202=????????

77f94941 e843ffffff call 77f94889

77f94946 e999fdffff jmp 77f946e4

77f9494b b849000000 mov eax,0x49

77f94950 8d542404 lea edx,[esp+0x4] ss:0fa5cdbb=????????

77f94954 cd2e int 2e

77f94956 c20800 ret 0x8

77f94959 55 push ebp

77f9495a 8bec mov ebp,esp

77f9495c 81ec80000000 sub esp,0x80

77f94962 8b450c mov eax,[ebp+0xc] ss:0fa5d202=????????

77f94965 56 push esi

77f94966 8b7510 mov esi,[ebp+0x10] ss:0fa5d202=????????

77f94969 83658400 and dword ptr [ebp+0x84],0x0 ss:0fa5d202=????????

77f9496d 8b08 mov ecx,[eax] ds:07998008=00000090

77f9496f 8b4004 mov eax,[eax+0x4] ds:0f6c6196=????????

77f94972 83659800 and dword ptr [ebp+0x98],0x0 ss:0fa5d202=????????

77f94976 8945a4 mov [ebp+0xa4],eax ss:0fa5d202=????????

-- > Stack Back Trace < --

FramePtr ReturnAd Param#1 Param#2 Param#3 Param#4 Function Name

07d2f074 07de6973 079e8c80 07d2f0a4 079e8c80 07d2f098 ntdll!<nosymbols>

07d2f114 07de77cd 07de7749 7803a6f0 084492b0 084492b0 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2f5a4 07d35b40 081063f0 00000000 080cb770 00000000 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2f8f8 07d71661 0810640c 081063f0 00000009 08106254 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2f948 07d71382 0810640c 081063f0 0000018b 08106254 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2f974 07d7151f 00000004 079983c0 000000fe ffffffff librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2f9cc 07d7405a 07992d08 0013d0e8 07d99f5a 07992d08 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2fa14 07d8b9e1 00000001 0013d198 0013d0b0 07d2fad4 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2fa3c 0091b1ea 00000001 0013d198 0013d0b0 00000000 librfc32!<nosymbols>

07d2fb8c 06e1d919 00000001 0797f430 00192bbe 00192480 <nosymbols>

07d2fc6c 06e1c229 00000001 00000000 07d2fcf4 07d2fd18 <nosymbols>

07d2fcd4 791da717 07d2fdec 791da434 07d2fd28 00000000 <nosymbols>

07d2fcdc 791da434 07d2fd28 00000000 07d2fd00 79baccb3 mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2fdec 791da58a 79baccb3 79b66000 00d2fe0c 00000000 mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2fe9c 791da5f6 79baccb3 79b66000 79b7d2c5 00000000 mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2fec4 792e518c 07d2ff08 00192480 791b3a60 ffffffff mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2ff10 792e525b 07d2ff28 00000000 0012f4f0 0018a760 mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2ffb4 7c57438b 0018a760 00000000 0012f4f0 0018a760 mscorwks!<nosymbols>

07d2ffec 00000000 792e5199 0018a760 00000000 00905a4d KERNEL32!<nosymbols>


M [Thr 2476] -

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Sep 06, 2004 at 09:50 AM


    It looks like that an invalid RfcField attribute in the generated C# structure that contains the field ISCLUSTEREQUIPMENT caused this error.

    Can you please make a copy of the C# file that contains the structure in concern?


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    • Former Member Former Member


      Strongly discourage you from manipulating Rfc related attributes or generating the structure by yourself. To do it correctly, you need to be able to retrieve correct metadata from SAP data dictionary and interpret the metadata correctly. Both tasks are tedious and tricky.

      On the other hand, can you explain why you need to write your own generator although there is one for free?