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Mar 06, 2011 at 06:07 PM

Keystorage does not recognize new entries/tries to work with del. entries



Due to the fact that our certificate for the connection to the

brasilian gouvernment (SEFAZ) was valid until March 3rd we imported a

new one in the key storage on February 15th. The old entry which was in

the view NFE was named TY_NFE. So we created a new entry in the

view NFE called TY11. After a reboot of the system where the GRC is

installed and the PI system on February 15th we deleted the old entry

TY_NFE in the key storage.

We had no problems until March 3rd. As soon as the old (already in the

key storage deleted) certificate was no longer valid we were not able

to sign messages. We thought that the system was already using the new

certificate we created under TY11 but it didn`t.

When we want the system to use the certificate under TY11 we receive

the error message: "Error signing input XML: Error accessing Keystore"

in the SXMB_MONI of the GRC system.

So we created again an entry in the view NFE called TY_NFE (the

old name) as we assumed that the name is cached anywhere. If the system

tries to use the new entry TY_NFE we receive the error

message "Error signing input XML: Certificate not valid: Valid date

expired". The system can not recognize that the certificate behind the

new entry TY_NFE ist valid until 2012.

Somewhere in the system the information of the old certificate seems to

be used and if we create a new entry with a new name (TY11) we get the

message that there is an error accessing the keystore.

We restarted both systems (system with GRC and PI 7.11 with keystorage) several times to get rid of old cached/old information but it didn`t work.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you!