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Mar 06, 2011 at 06:43 AM

LWP adjustment


Dear All,

I have two query

1) Currently at my client are following below style of leave adjustement:-

Eg:- In month of January if any employee is absent (means no present details, no leave form and all), salary is fully paid to employee for that month. Then in month of February if still employee doesn't submit leave form, his/her LWP is deducted for january leave & suppose in month of march employee submit the leave form against his leave of January then his February LWP is adjusted by giving him salary of that day in current month.

i dont know how to map this situation in SAP. How to adjust LWP payment and leave details of previous month and paying the same in current month. or else can we change their current process, as my clients are ok with that also.

2) Secondly, currently they have cut-off day at 25th of every month and salary is process for all employee after entering absence details till 25th and all. But in-case some one is absent in between 25 to 31st of month, then how to adjust his leave, absentism and salary in this case. Should or can i pass lwp of previous month in current month, if so how can i reflect it.

My both question more or less may look same. I tired referring to post's of sdn and other cite as well, but dint got relevant way of working out on the same. Request you all experts to kindly help me for the same as im bit new to payroll part of HR module.

Thanks & Regards,