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Mar 05, 2011 at 05:40 PM

How to offline transport ESS project?


Hello experts,

I had configurated NWDI , created track, download develop configuration into NWDS , created ESS project, then modify some ESS project .Of course , I had created some activities for my modify of ESS project.

I had deployed my changes by "Development Componnent -> Build/Deploy " to development system .

But our product system was in another LAN , and the message server port was forbidden by firewall.So I can't deploy the modified ESS project by NWDI transport or NWDS directly deploy.

Is there any offline solution to transport my modified ESS project to production system ?

I had builded the ESS project by "Development Componnet -> Build ", then got the .ear file . Then deploy the ear file with SDM, deploy was succeded , but the ESS project was not updated in production system.

I also deployed ear file with visual admin deploy service , it occured error "Can't conver file ..... " , can't deploy.

Then I used "create archive" to create ear file of ESS project, and deployed with SDM and visuam admin deploy service.

Deploy with SDM was also succssed ,but project was not updated; deploy with visual admin deploy service ,also got error "Can't convert file ....".

Could you please give a suggestion about offline transport ESS project ? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Louis Chen