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Former Member
Mar 05, 2011 at 08:24 AM

Drop down by key in Table UI not working


Hi Experts,

I have a Table UI that has a Dropdown by Key for one of its columns. The UI table is filled in the DOINIT method and the dropdown values are filled in from a supply function. Its all good until I came up with a button to delete an entry in the UI table.

When I delete an entry in the UI table using the delete button, the dropdown loses all its dropdown values. I am having difficulty restoring the dropdown and would welcome suggestions for fixing it.

The delete button works basically by reading the screen table (table UI) and deletes the required entry and binds back the internal table to the table UI. It is at this point the dropdown loses its connection with the new table. Is my theory correct? My efforts to redo what the the supply function does to DPDK UI, have failed so far.

Any ideas suggestions for fix are greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps