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Mar 04, 2011 at 04:25 PM

Configuring the Receiver SOAP AXIS (File) Adapter


Hey all,

I have a particular scenario where this adapter may meet my requirements, however there is very little information on its usage. I am anticipating ECC to create a zipped/compressed attachment and send it to XI via an ABAP Proxy / XI Adapter. The final intent is to take this attachment and ultimately write it out as a file (using the payloadSwapBean to move the attachment to the payload, then the PayloadZipBean to decompress the message).

The hope was that I can use a XI Adapter -> SOAP (AXIS - File) to receive the attachment, swap it, unzip, and write it out as a file. This would be pretty clean, however I cannot for the life of me find any detailed documentation of how to configure it (SAP help not overly detailed) to generate a file. I followed the instructions on how to deploy the SDA for the AXIS adapter and it appears correctly installed. I'm looking for experiences folks have with actually doing this please.

To the question I know will be asked, we do not want to drop a compressed file out of ECC, pick it up with XI File Adapter to then pass it through to then decompress and write it out. We have a mandate within our ECC and XI environments to limit the usage of files going foward, however we need to handle situations where our partners require them. These files can be potentially large and don't lend themselves to using IDocs or other SAP APIs.

Here are the relevant links I have leveraged thusfar, please reply if there are others of relevance that I am not aware of.

[SAP Help Docs|]

[Stefan's Recommendation to Use AXIS Adapter|How to use File Adapter Receiver to write attachments;