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Mar 04, 2011 at 02:45 PM

Unexpected database connector error


I did a search on 'Unexpected database connector error' and found a large list of topics. Most of the topics were people asking for help. The replies were, just get the latest patches - which does not help!

Here is the error message I get,

Parms are; 800/S80/5069660

ERROR - detected an exception: Unexpected database connector error

I output the parameter values so that I can validate that I read the cotrol file and that I am passing values to the Crystal Report that in fact should work.

I have downloaded the latest patches and nothing has changed.

The code was working in Nov when I last made a change to it. My profile was removed from my computer in order to fix a virus. I now need to make a change to the program and generate a new .jar file.

The code gets an error trying to connect to the database.

When I first set this up to work, I had to pay for help from the Indian help desk. They remoted in a fixed my issue, but I have no idea what they did. Now that fix is gone. The help desk told me that they don't support Eclipse, but the Eclipse plug-in is recommended and designed for Crystal Reports.

I am running Crystal Reports 2008 version, and Eclipse 3.4.2. I need some help, I have no idea of where to turn to or even who to turn to. I found a consultant for Eclipse, but he doesn't know anything about the database connection (JDBC) part.

Can anybody help me or point me in the correct direction.

Un-like Crystal Reports there are no books available for Eclipse.