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Mar 04, 2011 at 02:35 PM



I am Looking for the links related to classification, I know the following:

Classificatin tables of which:

KLAH = Class header data

KSML = Characteristics assigned to a class

AUSP = Characteristics values assigned to an object

KSSK = Allocation Table: Object to Class

KSSKAUSP = Generated Table for View KSSKAUSP

Object links to classification

Class type 001 Materials: ??

Class type 002 Equipments: INOB = Link between Internal Number and Object (link between KSSK and Equipment)

Class type 003 Functional locations: ??

Class type 010 Vendors: ??

Classtype 017 Document Management: ??

Class type 018 Task List: ??

Does any one has an idea in which table I can find the link between objects and classification?

Thanks and best regards,