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Mar 04, 2011 at 11:48 AM

Universe prompt using User:[0,-1] not parsing in XI 3.1 ?


Hi all,

We're using @PROMPTs setup in the universe as filters so as to allow prompts in reports.

An example of what we have is

(@Select(AllValues\Entity In List) IN @Prompt('Select Entity', 'a','AllValues\Entity In List',multi,Constrained,Not_Persistent,,User:-1))

When I press the [Parse] button in the Edit Properties window we get an error

Parse failed: Invalid definition (UNV0023). Error parsing default values parameter (7th parameter).

I spoke to some colleagues and they were told that the 'User:n' was no longer supported in XI 3.1 and so I removed it and can then parse the WHERE clause now.

This, of course, means that I need to do this 'fix' for all prompts we have setup like this.

My questions are

1. Is User:n not supported in XI 3.1 ?

2. Is the User: parameter even a supported feature? Some colleagues seem to think it was some sort of black-art tip.

3. Do you know of any other way of implementing this in a universe?

I'd really welcome your input/coments on this.