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Mar 04, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Multi-Dimensional Sets in a hierarchy



I'm trying to create a set hierarchy which contains multi-dimensional sets. When adding the multi-dimensional set as a sub-ordinate in the hierarchy I receive the error <Set Name> invalid characteristic for Input Field HKONT.

The requirement is that on a report in BI we need to limit rows on a report to specific GL accounts and then specific transaction types (BEWAR) within those GL accounts. We have around 20 reports that have the same format but the GL accounts and Transaction Types on each row are different - hence we wanted to use sets to maintain the GL accounts and transaction types for each row.

So I've created several sets which are single sets and it all works fine. But when I create a multidimensional set (with Account and Transaction Type) it works fine. But when I attempt to add that as a subordinate set (ie to create the row in the report hierarchy) I get this message.

The Set that contains the rows can't be a multidimensional set as I can't add multi-dimensional sets to multi-dimensional sets.

Anyone come across this or know of a way around it ? or perhaps a different approach.