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Mar 04, 2011 at 09:50 AM

Release Control- PR


Hi Friends

We have 2 Release Strategies whose ranges are as below

1. 1 - 10000 usd &

2. 10001 - 20000 usd.

when user creates a PR whose total value exceed 10000 usd it goes for release for the 2nd value range. There is nothig wrong in the process. But of late the PR which is created at project sites if it exceeds the 10000usd vale the user in order to avoid 2nd release stg approvals, creates 2 PRs totalling more than 10000 usd. Management does not want that to happen. This is almost by passing the system.

Is there a control for this? For example creation of no. of PR over a period of times by a user or any other means.