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Sep 02, 2004 at 03:40 PM

Calling a RFC (BAPI), Table as INPUT Parameter


Hy All,

we want to update a single dataset in a Backend-System over a RFC-Call. The input parameter of the RFC is only a table, no additional input-fields are neccessary.

From our WebDynpro the context of the view is mapped to the CustomController. The CustController is bind to the Model. (Input -> Table)

When we debug the application, on the WebDynpro-Side the Structure (Input -> Table) is filled. The current Node-Element is ok, i Think. On the ABAP-Side the RFC is callend, but the table is empty.

// fill fields of Z_TEST_HEADER


// Calls remote function module Z_TEST wdContext.currentZ_TEST_INPUTElement().modelObject().execute();

Where is our fault ?

How do i have to fill or map the context of the Controller to the model ?

by Jürgen Berndt