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Former Member
Mar 04, 2011 at 08:42 AM

Script logic problem - please help!


Hi there,

I am having a very frustrating time with some script that should be straighforward, and I'm getting myself tied up. Need some help please?!

In my *XDIM_MEMBERSET ENTITY I have the Entity that is passed to the script (i.e. %ENTITY_SET%) and a list of countries (also from the Entity dimension, pulled out with a *SELECT statement).

I have a Tax Rate percentage stored at the country level, and I want to look at the COUNTRY property of my Entity and find the corresponding country, then pull the % for that country.

But for some reason it just isn't working. I have one Entity and 100 countries, and I just want to cycle through the countries until I find the right one, which I tried to do with a *FOR but instead it gives me the % multiplied by 100!

I know this should be really easy but I'm lost, please help!

We are on BPC for MS 7.0 SP 7.

Thanks in advance,